Hello this is Craftuino,
bringing Minecraft and Arduino together.

Craftuino is a small project initiated by Komtek at Campus in Värnamo and Antiphase AB,
both based in the small and beautiful city Värnamo in Sweden, with the goal of introducing people of all ages to the world of software development
by combining Minecraft and electronics.

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Downloads and instructions

It's easy to get started, no matter how complex your project is. You just have to download one of our sketches, download and run our bridging software, connect your Arduino and press connect.
You should be up and running in no time.

Craftuino can currently only manage levers but we plan to implement more functionality in the future.

Download Craftuino sketch

Download the Craftuino sketch and modify it as you wish.
When you're done, just upload it to your Arduino board.

> Download basic Craftuino Sketch

Download Craftuino

Download and run the latest version of Craftuino below.

> Craftuino for Windows

Requirements: Windows 10

Start Minecraft

Start Minecraft and direct-connect to the following server:


Now you should be all set. The communication between the Minecraft server and the Arduino should be established and activating a lever in Minecraft should turn on an LED on your Arduino. Have fun! :D

The very first Craftuino project


Do you like Craftuino? We hope you do.
Our developers also like to eat foods and drink sugar-infused drinks, and a donation will help Craftuino's progress.

Known bugs

Much like just about anything, Craftuino is not perfect, and probably buggy.
Below is a list of known bugs.
If you enconter any bugs, please send us an email.

- Levers need to face certain directions. For some reason, placing a lever in certain directions will result in their states to constantly be OFF when sent to the bridging software.

The community can help


Are you feeling stuck?
We have a forum that can help.
> Go to the forum

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together.

Where To Find Us

Jönköpingsvägen 15
33134 Värnamo